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My adventure with beads has began in 1999, far on the African continent. Bewitched with colors and a variety of Venetian glass beads available in the market in the Ghanaian town of Koforidua, I began to create my own collection and follow the history of different types of beads.

A year later, I began creating jewellery with beads available in Poland. Around 2004 I was exhibiting on allegro handmade bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants. However, a small choice and more and more worse quality of materials and lack of time contributed to ceasement of making the jewellery (except for the single pieces for my friends or just for my use).

In half of 2009 I accidentally got to a few websites being dedicated to beads like “lampwork”. A possibility of handmaking them and what is more – creating your own unique patterns, aroused my passion for beads. I spent hours for reading online about ways and techniques of making them. I even purposed some books about it straight from England (thanks to Anna Misterska).

Quite quickly I came to a conclusion that reading and watching some instructional films is not enough and I decided to enroll for a course. Finding the proper person and especially taking the final decision took me some months.

Eventually in the beginning of March 2010, I went to the Netherlands where I visited Joyce McGilivray’s studio, who taught me the basics of this art within a 2 days time. I came back home with a baggage full of accessories unavailable in Polish market and in the corner of my kitchen was built (almost) professional workshop (thanks to my dad) just for my new passion…

Since then, I has been trying to spend at least a few hours a week on improving my skills. From December of 2010, you can admire my own producs in Gallery Brocante, since the beginning of 2011 you will find my bead also on Etsy and at Trendsetterka Gallery.

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